A new system of processing waste water of Buzet Winery

7 September 2017

Working since soon more than 7 years in the development of processes of processing liquid waste by phytoepuration, BlueSET conceived a system of processing innovating for the cleansing of the viticultural effluents. The solution installation within the Cooperative of the Vine growers of Buzet is anchored to nearest to its constraints and its needs. The station of processing thus has as characteristics to be:

  • Rustic and requiring little turn-around time in particular for the period grape harvest criticizes; period producing the majority of the effluents to be treated and mobilizing the totality of staff.
  • En adequacy with the précepts of the circular economy with the local valorization of all the by-products of épuration.
  • Planté of local plant species for the safeguarding and the maintenance of the surrounding biodiversity (Local Vegetable Label)
  • A low costs of exploitation (not of chemical inputs) and of maintenance.
  • Intégré in the circuit of visit of the cellar through the installation of a course within the station with teaching panels.