Climate Change Leadership in Porto from 5 to 7 March 2019

4 March 2019

Solutions For The Wine Industry Conference

Wine is one of the only branded agricultural activities that exists in the world. The industry strongly supports and sustains rural communities and landscapes. It is vulnerable to Climate Change.

Most conferences on the subject tell you the problem and don’t suggest practical steps of what to do. At the Climate Change Leadership – Solutions for the Wine Industry Porto we aim to provide practical and proven solutions, both short and long term, to help the wine industry in mitigating the impacts of a changing climate, adapting and helping to solve our shared problems.

This summit will enable all elements of the wine industry to work in concert in developing a safe and sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions. In working together to accomplish this in Porto, we seek to unite the industry by demonstrating our global leadership.

An outcome of the conference will be The Porto Protocol by which all conference participants will commit to promote the solutions provided amongst winery owners, scientists, business leaders, policy makers, winemakers, vineyard workers and farmers, students, importers and distributors.

Restraining our contributions towards and detailing our responses to climate change is the greatest challenge the wine industry faces. Meeting these challenges are within our grasp; the CCLP conference and its Porto Protocol will be a tool to engage the entire wine industry.

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